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Fast. Cheap. Quality. Pick Two.

Let’s be honest… we are all kind of spoiled.

Now before you get all persnickety, let me explain. If you are reading this from a computer or an iPhone or some kind of technical device (yes, even if it is at work) you are sitting pretty good. If you are reading this from a place that has heat (or air conditioning, depending upon which hemisphere you reside in), you are pretty well off. And hey– I’m no exception– I’m writing this in my “comfy clothes” in my recliner, cuddling with our pup, heater running in a warm, dry house on my computer.

I think I’m doing alright.

However, we can (generally) be a pretty demanding people. Our nature, aka the fallen-ness of mankind, makes us naturally inclined to be sort of selfish. The culture that we live in via first world country can make us pretty demanding.

I don’t say all this to make us feel poopy or ungrateful. On the contrary, we should rejoice in all of these super cool blessings, experiences and gadgets in our lives.

But we also need to be very aware that sometimes when we don’t “have it all right when we want it…” We shall survive. In fact, it might be the best thing for us!

A couple of weeks ago, our pastor was addressing some leadership experiences in our church during staff meeting. Within the discussion, he mentioned that he saw a repair truck driving around town with the slogan on the side that said:

“Fast. Cheap. Quality. Pick Two.”

We all got a great laugh out of the thought, but it got me to thinking. (Dangerous, I know.)  So many of us (myself included) think that everything should be fast, cheap and quality… But in all reality, thinking we are  entitled to always having our cake and eating it too can make us ungrateful, impatient, and downright selfish.

Especially when it comes to our relationship with God.

Let’s think about it. If we want something fast and cheap, it probably won’t be quality. If we want something fast and quality, you can be it won’t be cheap. If we desire for something to be cheap and quality, well then– yep, you guessed it– it won’t be fast.

You May Pick Two

Via James @ Flickr

The same thing applies when we are in a relationship with Christ. Now, don’t get me wrong– God CAN and COULD accomplish all three of these things at the same time for us per our requests– IF it is the best thing for us. But He also knows what we NEED. We can tell Him what we WANT with hope and confidence, but should rest assured that He will ultimately give us what is best for us.

Perhaps we want to fix a relationship with another person. We take it to the Lord, praying about it. Chances are that the process of healing and redemption isn’t going to be fast, cheap and quality… It could might cost us our pride, giving it up and apologizing to the other person. It could take a while and be a bit painful, but the end result is a stronger, high-quality relationship. Just an example…

Do we trust God’s plan to transform us from who we are right now to what He desires we become? In what areas of your life do you struggle with this concept the most? Which two traits you would you “pick” when it comes to being transformed? Why? Feel free to leave a comment below.

God reserves the right to transform us with any of these (and a variety of other) techniques. Let’s accept the challenge to not solely choose fast, cheap or quality… but rather, option D… Let’s choose (and accept and trust!) whatever God has for us. No matter how long it takes or how much it costs us. Because ultimately, whatever He creates in us, will eventually be the BEST QUALITY– a product of His love, grace and wisdom.

Trusting Him to Transform,

“God will create a new thing in this land: A transformed woman will embrace the transforming GOD!” ~Jeremiah 31:22 (MSG) 

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VLOG: From Head to Heart~ Dependence

What a year! 2012 has been a year of challenge, growth and triumph… All thanks to God and my “Word” for 2012~ Dependence.


Do you TRULY depend on God for everything? If yes, what does that look like? If no, what can you change? Did you have a word for 2012? If so, how did it turn out? What’s next in store for you in 2013? You feedback always blesses me… Comment below!

Praying for a prosperous New Year for you all!

From Head to Heart,


“When I get really afraid, I come to you in trust…” ~Psalm 56:3 (MSG) 

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We Can… Even though (Anxiety-Free Monday, Wk #11)

Life is hard sometimes. (I think I have mentioned this once or twenty times before.)

Over the last three months or so, we have been on a journey– a journey to calm our anxious hearts and find contentment in Christ.

While the Bible study part of the journey concludes today, our heart journey continues.

Probably for the rest of our lives. And I don’t know about you, but it is a journey that I am STILL so excited to be on!

Many women have been transformed over the last few weeks by the power of Christ through trusting in Him– myself included. And I can’t wait to see where He takes us next.

But as we reflect on these final two chapters (and this whole experience in general) I can’t help but be moved… excited… a little emotional (ok, maybe that’s the pregnancy hormones) and utterly shocked at the power of His love for us.

It doesn’t matter what life throws at us… WE CAN rejoice in the Lord, even though life can be difficult.

One of my favorite Bible verses was introduced to me by our Pastor’s wife Pam last February during staff devotional. Divinely, it was the focus verse of our last chapter in this study.

Even though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines,
Even though the olive crop fails and the fields produce no food,
Even though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, 
yet I will rejoice in the LORD, 
I will be joyful in God my Savior.
~Habakkuk  3:17-18

… Even though the olive crop fails… GOD STILL ROCKS. (Those are my paraphrased words, not His.)

It is very cool how God has brought this journey (especially for me!) full circle. See, back on March 14th of this year, we miscarried our first child. It was the most viewed post in the history of this ministry… and it’s title? “EVEN THOUGH.

If you want tangible proof of how God can calm an anxious heart even though it seems like the sun might not rise tomorrow– be sure to check it out. Because now, we are 26 weeks along with our second pregnancy– and most of those heart-stopping anxieties from our first experience have been laid at the foot of the cross. Christ has taken them from us– and our trust in Him is deeper than ever before.

So today, we add to our “Even thoughs” as we continue on our journey to contentment.

WE CAN trust in the Lord with all our hearts… Even though the world says, “Take control and do it yourself.”

WE CAN rejoice in all circumstances… Even though in the moment, our hearts might be breaking.

WE CAN remember His never-ending faithfulness… Even though Satan tries to convince us otherwise.

WE CAN give Him our everything… Even though some days it feels like we have nothing left to give.

WE CAN build a solid foundation of faith-based on His promises… Even though destruction seems to be at our doorstep.

WE CAN embrace the plan He has for us… Even though we *think* we have better ideas.

WE CAN know that He designed us with purpose and beauty… Even though we occasionally don’t feel like it.

WE CAN give generously with the knowledge that He is our provider… Even though society says money equals happiness.

WE CAN continue to walk with Him on our journey to contentment… Even though this Bible study season has ended.

Do you have more “We Can- Even Thoughs” to add? I would love to hear from you. Leave a comment below.

Thanks to all of the gals who have walked with us through this journey. I pray that it has opened the eyes of your heart in ways that we never imagined. (Also, congratulations to Sue G. for winning our “Solid Foundation of Faith” Giveaway!)

Remember, sweet friends…

WE CAN choose to calm our anxious hearts and find contentment in Him… NO. MATTER. WHAT!!!

Choosing Contentment,

“…For I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances…” ~Philippians 4:11 (NIV) 

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